Sony E4100 Home Theatre Speakers- Sony Tall Boy- 1000 W Output

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The Sony Tall Boy Home Theatre Speaker Your House’s Pride & Your Friend’s envy!!!

Let me give an overview of this magnificent product!!


The Sony E4100 has two tall speakers in its surround sound set-up, you’ll enjoy dynamic sound that’s even more like being in a movie theatre. Add in easy connectivity, including One-touch listening, and you’re ready to turn heads with your sound performance.


This Sony Home Theatre Speaker Systems showcase our new Sense of Quartz design, inspired by the cut-glass edges and gleaming facets of rock crystal. From speakers to remote controls, each element brings a sense of refined, understated style to your living space.


With an effective 1000 W output, two tall speakers, two satellite speakers and a subwoofer, you can feel what you are listening, whether it is a movie, drama or song.


You can share music via smart phone, tablet, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PC or any other Bluetooth device and have a wonderful experience. Whatever you play, you will listen clean and clear sound.


You can connect E4100 with any Wi-Fi device such as smart phone, Mobile, PC, tablet and laptop. If you are fed up of cables and mess, this is best for you. Stream all kinds of entertainment from your personal photos and playlists to online movies, catch-up TV and YouTube™ clips.


Stream HD movies, millions of songs you can play around your home, your favorite TV channels, plus there’s a web browser and apps for weather, news, games and more.


Get the kind of picture quality that really pulls you into the action. Watch a 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD in Full HD with natural color and sharp detail. Even online videos will seem smoother than on your computer thanks to clever picture enhancements.

Features of Sony E4100 Home Theatre Speaker

There are many unique features which will force readers to get it to their homes.

  • Oomph Sound

You can feel real world sound because of its 2 tall speakers and 1000W output.

  • Get rid of Cable Connections

Through its Blue Tooth technology, you can connect any blue tooth enabled phone, tablet, laptop or smart phone and enjoy your favorite album.

  • One Touch and start enjoying

There is no need of long wired cables because of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. You can simply touch your NFC enabled device or smart phone and on body N mark and enjoy your music. You can also pair the devices manually in blue tooth settings.

  • Sharp and Elegant Design

Inspired by the flawless, gleaming facets of rock crystal, our sense of Quartz design looks elegant anywhere.

  • FULL HD 3D Picture

Feel the real world impact by its 3D HD technology. Enjoy 3D movies and films with a smooth and realistic colors in HD screen.

  • Have Online Entertainment

Many apps such as You Tube are built in for online entertainment.

  • Wi-Fi Technology Supported

You can easily connect to internet through its Wi-Fi technology and enjoy the world of entertainment.

  • Colorful Picture

With bright and clear colors, you can feel every image in its reality and depth.

  • Adjust sound according to your channel

Choose from a wide range of sounds which channel you are watching such as football mode, Cricket mode, Movie mode, Theater mode.

  • Rediscover your DVD collection

The Blu-Ray Disc player set up an environment where you can play your DVDs and enjoy HD mode movies and music.

  • Quick start and Loading

Quick start and loading will reduce the wait time for disc to load and you can enjoy with just on one click.

  • Make your Smart Phone a Remote control

Through TV SideView application installed in your smart phone or iPhone you can control the system with it and browse the internet.

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