#1 Recommendation for Your Gaming Mousepad

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The #1 problem we come across while choosing a gaming mousepad is the size.. Mousepads are not designed keeping in mind different hand sizes and area to play with. Either the area of coverage is too small or we find ourselves constantly dragging the mouse outside the padding area. 

This is one area so underlooked that no one cared till now. I recently went shopping for a mousepad and was astonished to see huge number of options offering me different picturesque designs but not mentioning the size of coverage i.e width and length. 

One of the other criterion of the research was that I did not want to spend a heavy amount on the gaming mousepad and the mouse.. I have been extravagant in the past to try all kinds of expensive mousepads and mice only to regret later as all of them developed nuances overtime. 

Recommended Gaming Mousepad

After much research on the topic I was able to finalize one mousepad that was big enough to host my wireless keyboard and my mouse.. 

#1 Recommendation for Mousepad

What you see above is a Xmate Zorro 3200DPI LED Backlight 6 Button Wired USB Gaming Mouse, on top of a mousepad known as Tizum Z57 Large Felt Desk Mat Mouse Pad. This mousepad is available for Rs499/-

Okay I love to describe my mouse but first I will take you through my Mousepad. This Desk Pad is made of great felt, non-slip, soft and convenient, optimal surface for gaming sensors. It conveniently hosts my wireless keyboard and the mouse and still has some space left. Ohh!! I forgot to mention the mouse pad has two pockets for me to store pens and papers for when I need stationery.

My mousepad is washable if there are any spills. Also, this mousepad makes my table look more professional and sleek. Needless to say, I am in love with my mousepad. After all if something serves this much purpose, nothing more is required. 


Now for the Mouse.  The Xmate Zorro wired USB gaming mouse is constructed of ABS plastic, leather collar, and rubber finish with plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up to tough gaming needs. for the price of 499 bucks this is steal. I don’t have huge requirements, I bought this because I did not want to tire my hands from the slow dell trackpad.  

The mouse really helps me scroll through my documents and files fast enough and has 6 Buttons with different functions like the previous page and next page. If you wish you can turn on/off the colorful lights (press next page key + DPI key). Not only does this look beautiful it also has good functionality.

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